1 Jan 2011

An Open letter to my fellow Sarawakians

It's only when we've lost it then we would see the value of it.

Till that day comes, we won't care much to what extent it would affect us. Blood and life will never be the fair compensation to what you have carelessly let go. Some of us, my friends, have yet to realise that there are groups of people so cunning and so treacherous that they are willing to take away what is ours and suck our souls till we have nothing left, for even a bit of pride.

Dignity is earned by wisdom and strive. Honour won't come crawling to us. The pledge to safeguard what is ours and share it fairly has been there for years but the inability to act reasonably and proactively is building the wall. Paramounting it and creating a pinnacle. Two things may happen when the wall collapses. First, it may widen the horizon and the school of thoughts. Second, it may collapse and kill the persons who try to tear it down. Are these the same reasons and justifications of certain people who refuse to do anything? Making them idle- just sit and watch what's the become of a country?

By education and awareness, through time perhaps, the sense of belonging to a country and her history, may it white, gray, red or pitch black, could be instilled in our children's hearts and thoughts.

History- the more one tries to erase it, the more haunting it will be. The more you cover, the more obvious it becomes. Death is the last thing a patriot will succumb to, and it will perhaps be the starting point of a new revolution.

As what William Wallace said: They can take away our lives, but they cannot take away our freedom. 

My friends, I love my country more than I love life itself. Have you ever asked yourselves this question?  If life is what it takes, life is what I give. Will you be the bodyguard of your country..? Are you ready to join the cause? Bravery doesn't exist without the presence of fear. 

However, will death make it be a real and worthy sacrifice? What is death without a clear fight? If death educates and enlightens, I do concur. Don't you? But what if death causes more bloody covenants? It's unacceptable. In this present world, death is harder than living itself.

Much has been said, and these to some are merely words. Words of what some people say, a cry of a heartbroken lass. 

Heartbroken I am to see my beloved country's history and heritage to some are less important. But, hey, this doesn't mean we should stop striving, right?

My fair land, Darul Hana. By name of God, we enlighten. By the spirit of your hornbill, my friends, you soar and protect. I told myself, hey! Even if it kills, do it for Sarawak and for the love of mankind.

My question to you: What would you do for your country? Will you die for her?

Suhana Lina Sarkawi
Sejarah Sarawak FB Admin

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